Depo Provera – How safe is it?

In the UK only 3% of women choose the Depo-Provera injection as their form or birth-control but many others claim the side effects are too problematic and feel as though it should be banned… just how safe is it? Depo-provera is a form of hormonal contraceptive used by women that requires an injection every three Continue Reading

Cysters Youth Board – why do we need a voice?

Young people who are diagnosed with reproductive health issues are often not taken seriously in regards to their pain and dietary requirements because they aren’t ready to conceive. At Cysters we believe you should have the right to take control of your health and be taken seriously for whatever condition you have. Biologically, women are Continue Reading

My First Period

We love hearing these period stories from around the world! Through our shared experiences (and cute videos with eggs 🍳) we can understand the universal shame and stigma around menstruation and work to tackle it together! #Repost @glblctzn ・・・ It’s time to end the stigma around menstruation – and make sure all girls can stay Continue Reading

Gynae/Reproductive Health Issues

Our founder Neelam Heera was featured on the BBC about her journey with mental health.. as a by-product of gynae/reproductive health issues. We have made a start to building an awareness campaign! If you are, or know someone effected by these conditions please feel free to get in touch for a confidential chat and join Continue Reading