Neelam Heera

Our founder, Neelam Heera, started Cysters in 2015 as way to combat some of the misconceptions around reproductive health.

Neelam felt that issues around reproductive health can often be trivialised by healthcare professionals and sexualised by the ethnic community due to cultural beliefs.

What started as social media page to vent some of her frustrations at her diagnosis and lack of understanding, grew into a support group for other women with similar stories to a registered charity. She then decided to leave her legal career, to upscale and grow the charity. The charity is inclusive and work with individuals suffering with reproductive and mental health issues, often tackling sensitive and personal subjects. Neelam is also a Non Executive Director for Healthwatch Birmingham, again supporting the organisations outreach into vulnerable groups.

The growth has been organic and reflective of the cultural and community needs around reproductive health.

Since the inception of the charity we have not received any funding, and relied solely on the hard work, dedication of our volunteers. Whether it is tackling period poverty, raising awareness of reproductive wellbeing or writing articles for us, each of our volunteers has been invaluable to our work.

We hope that with the continued growth, and our expertise in working with marginalized groups that we are able to acquire funding to upscale our work across the region.