Young people who are diagnosed with reproductive health issues are often not taken seriously in regards to their pain and dietary requirements because they aren’t ready to conceive. At Cysters we believe you should have the right to take control of your health and be taken seriously for whatever condition you have.

Biologically, women are more likely to suffer severely from ill health due to reproductive health conditions than men because of the way the female body works. Many GPs need to realise that if we give women the ability to control their gynae-health problems then they may be able to prevent further health conditions from developing such as Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease.

Here at Cysters we will take you seriously and give you the help and advice you need to push for the right help as we know it can be mentally and physically draining to deal with alone.

At today’s (17/11/18) meet up in Cherry Reds, Birmingham, members of the youth board have discussed what they would like to happen and what changes they would like to see including education school pupils about reproductive health and showing women in BAME communities that they aren’t ‘sinners’ or’inflicted with black magic’ because they are dealing with infertility. They are just ill and in need of the right help and support.

We are still looking to expand our Youth Board and would love to hear what kinds of changes you would like to see in educating young people on their health. Email us at to get involved.