Cysters is a grassroots charity, dedicated to supporting individuals & improving the health, education & welfare of those with reproductive & mental health issues. We aim to educate the public about reproductive health & education so that they can make informed choices around their treatment options & challenge the cultural misogyny behind reproductive health.

Our values

We are a community led charity and as part of our values we follow our four principles.


The Cysterhood is more than individuals with health issues, it is an inclusive community representing people from all walks of life bonding over shared experiences.


We recognise that we are not the experts and are willing to collaborate to support our Cysters to achieve the best outcome for them.


We care for each of our Cysters and as such we expect each Cyster to be represented regardless of background.


We want to make sure all Cysters are educated enough to become their own health advocates in order to make the best choices for their lifestyle and gain confidence in being that self-advocate.