Updates To The NHS Constitution To Strengthen Privacy, Dignity And Safety Of All Patients 

 The privacy, dignity, and safety of all patients to be enshrined as central to NHS principles and values – with patients empowered to request same-sex wards and care, while reflecting the biological needs in the delivery of care. The privacy, dignity, and safety of all patients are to be embedded in how the NHS operates under a Continue Reading

Endometriosis diagnosis delays in People of Colour

New survey seeks to investigate and amplify marginalised voices in healthcare decision-making Cysters and Endometriosis UK are working in partnership to ensure that all voices are heard in discussions about healthcare policy and initiatives, especially those from marginalised communities. Despite progress in healthcare data collection, there remains a gap in representing the experiences of marginalised Continue Reading

Endometriosis: Years of being “dismissed, ignored and belittled”

Endometriosis UK urges improvement to deteriorating diagnosis times  Getting a diagnosis for endometriosis now takes almost a year longer than before the pandemic, according to new research published by the charity Endometriosis UK during Endometriosis Action Month 2024 (March).  A new study shows that diagnosis times in the UK have significantly worsened over the last Continue Reading

Latest ethnic diversity data highlights disparities in treatment outcomes, UK regulator finds

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) found fertility treatment outcomes varied widely for Black, Asian and ethnic minority patients. HFEA data shows significant differences by ethnic group in the use and outcomes of fertility treatment. The average IVF birth rate per embryo transferred has increased across all groups, but Black and Asian patients aged Continue Reading

UK fertility regulator launches improved for fertility treatment ‘add-ons’

Patients undergoing fertility treatment now have better information on whether ‘add-on’ treatments will improve their chances of having a baby as well as other outcomes, as the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) launches its new ratings. Patients are offered add-ons with the claim that they will increase the success of their treatment but the Continue Reading

DHSC News: Government orders independent inquiry following Lucy Letby verdict

Government orders independent inquiry following Lucy Letby verdict • Inquiry announced into circumstances behind the murders and attempted murders of babies at Countess of Chester Hospital to help ensure families get the answers they need• The inquiry will look at the circumstances surrounding the deaths and incidents, including how concerns raised by clinicians were dealt with• Continue Reading

Health equality has been de-prioritised for decades

Sharing her own experiences of living with endometriosis, Emily Morrison highlights the ‘triple injustice’ in knowledge and evidence, gender identity, and social policy that perpetuate health inequity. This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) brought mixed feelings for me. My appreciation for the activism that has continued to drive women’s rights since 1909 sits alongside my Continue Reading

Menstruation and Indian Cultural Practices: Period, Pollution and Purity – Rittika Dasgupta

Menstruation and Indian Cultural Practices: Period, Pollution and Purity by Rittika Dasgupta This article highlights how menstruation is viewed largely by the Hindu community in India and it suggests ways to combat it. I use the term ‘menstruator’ consciously throughout the article to keep it gender-neutral. However, I also use the term ‘woman’, when it Continue Reading