IT’S HERE! September is Gynae Cancer Awareness Month, and for the second year running the Eve Appeal are asking you to Go Red!⠀Cysters are proud to be supporting this campaign, as only through collective support, sisterhood and community can we truly beat Cancer.

All across the world women are going red for all of the wrong reasons. There is still a veil of shame around gynaecological health causing women to go red with embarrassment at the thought of saying ‘vulva’ to their doctor. There are still too many people going red with abnormal bleeding due to a gynae cancer. This needs to change.⠀

Our founder Neelam Heera pictured with Lydia Brain

We need to all get out and Go Red in force so that other women don’t have to! Whether it’s at work, school, or out with your friends, you can get together, wear red, and raise money for Eve research.⠀
This year’s focus is on inter-generational education and conversations between families. We want to stop taboos before they start for our next generation of Eves and break down the taboos in the generation of Eves most at risk of gynaecological cancer. Keep your eyes peeled for some familiar faces, including our founder Neelam, and help us share far and wide.⠀

We will be shouting from the rooftops about all five of the gynae cancers and their signs and symptoms because it isn’t right that too many women hear about these cancers for the very first time at the point they are diagnosed.⠀

So please share our posts, shout about gynaecological cancers, give your platform to marginalised groups and most of all #GoRed for all the right reasons.

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Neelam Heera and Lydia Brain, taking a selfie: @neelamheeraspeaks and @cystersgroup, and @lid_jar