Researchers at the University of Oxford Department of Primary Care are looking for healthcare professionals to participate in an online interview (30-45 minutes) about experiences of treating patients with recurrent vulvovaginal thrush. We are looking for clinicians seeing people in general practice and sexual health in the UK and who have experience of seeing patients with thrush. A voucher will be provided for taking part. 

Vaginal thrush is a genital infection that causes itching, burning, discomfort, and changes in vaginal fluids. Three-quarters of people with vaginas will have thrush in their lifetime. Most cases go away in a few days with medication. Yet, some patients will have repeated infections over years. In the UK, 1.2 million women have this repetitive experience, known as recurrent thrush. The perspectives and experiences gathered in this study will help design better resources and support for people affected by recurrent thrush and their healthcare professionals.

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