Everyone has become a baker during this lockdown, and whilst we LOVE a good cake.. it doesn’t quite hit the spot, if you know what we mean.

We aren’t bakers, more of a pleasure seeker, the cake doesn’t quite do it for us. But since we are in an pandemic due to Covid-19, we must find alternatives to pleasure.

But we have seen the taboo and shame that surrounds the sex toy industry. It is seen as seedy.. dirty, and women are often not seen as in control of their sexuality or pleasure as men are.

One of societies biggest things to do, is tell others how to live their lives, what to do with their bodies, or not too! At Cysters we just don’t have time for that.

Our founder Neelam Heera, most recently became an ambassador for Have a Ricky, a sex positive toy company – Why, simply because there is no representation of South Asian women in this area, nor is there any consideration of those with chronic illnesses in this space. South Asian women are usually fetishized, but not seen as wanting intimacy or pleasure themselves. But there will be more to follow on this topic in another post! So keep your eyes peeled!

We spoke to Tom, the founder of Have a Ricky and asked him his experience of running a sex toy business during the pandemic.

1. Has quarantine affected this sex toy industry? Have you noticed any trends since the lockdown?

Quarantine has definitely seen an uplift in sex toy sales across the board and is no exception. Honestly I’ve been taken aback by how much demand soared since Boris told everyone to stay indoors. We’re a new brand with very modest sales volume anyway, but over the last three months sales have skyrocketed well over 10 fold what we would do in a normal month. It’s been unbelievable.

It’s fair to say people have got the horn whilst cooped-up inside their house. Buying a vibrator is an affordable way to fix that without breaking social distancing rules.

Have a Rickys cute branding

2. Wow! Well, a lot of individuals, especially those from ethnic backgrounds, have this belief that sex toys are bad for you health. Is this true?

No, not at all! Using a sex toy comes with many beneficial goodies for your physical and mental health. A sex toy helps enhance masturbation by stimulating nerve endings in your vagina, your anal muscles or anywhere you want to experience the sensations. Of course many people enjoy masturbating without the need of a sex toy – which is great – but introducing a vibrator or dildo just takes the pleasure up a level.

For example: using a clitoral based vibrator such as a ‘wand’ will drive super strong vibrations to your clitoral area, stimulating thousands of nerve endings with each stroke. This stimulation will drive a plethora of pleasure signals to your brain to release a ton of beneficial hormones throughout your body. 

Some of these beneficial hormones include (but not limited to):

Dopamine – a chemical that helps us to relax and improve our mood

Oxytocin – a chemical that lowers the amount of cortisol in our bodies. Cortisol is produced by our bodies as a result to stress. Oxytocin has a direct impact on our cortisol levels.

These feel good hormones work together to leave us feeling relaxed and happy. Masturbation not only feels fantastic – it’s also a form of mental therapy.

3. Sooo fun as well as having health benefits! Could you tell us your favourite 3 products from Have a Ricky?

Choosing three top toys from Ricky is tough because I’m insanely proud of anything we’ve listed. But I’m going to give it a go by choosing one for the clitoris, one for the G-spot and one for the penis. I’d say all three are ideal for beginners because they’re extremely user friendly and they’re all constantly in our best seller charts. 

1. Clitoral stimulation:

2. G-spot stimulation:

3. Penis stimulation:

So guys and gals! If you want to get your hands on a Have a Ricky Sex Toy – then use our discount code CYSTERS to get 10% off!