I have been writing here on Cysters for over three years now… and how time flies when you’re making new friends. I’ve gotten to speak to so many of you and learn your stories but I feel like I have stayed at a distance and would like to be a friendly face for the women I cheer on online.

So, earlier this year, I set up a YouTube channel to start vlogging my experience with PCOS and perhaps provide some entertainment on the way.

I began battling my illness almost four years ago and managed to lose and maintain a loss of 4 stone for almost two years. Sadly, life didn’t stay that way and I relapsed in a bad mental health phase. This meant I gained back everything I’d lost (and a bit extra).

SO, now with over 100lbs to shift, I invite you to join me and get to know me on my YouTube channel and maybe I can help you as I learn to love and care for myself again.