**Disclaimer: This post is intended as sarcasm and in no way is intentionally bringing down anyones pain. It is intended to call out lies tol by the gynae health system. **

It’s yet another day of living the cyst life and I for one am thrilled… I mean I’ve spent a week in hospital in pain with very little answers and very few people paying attention to what I had to say. I mean what would I know, its just MY body and I don’t have a medical degree so who am I to say what I need?

I was eventually given morphine for the pain after days of been unable to walk and crying but was told everything is fine and my PCOS couldn’t be linked… Because PCOS doesn’t hurt.

I mean, for the last 5 years all I’ve had are scans and tests. No infections. No damage. Just cysts.

But PCOS doesn’t hurt.

I had a doctor tell me the pain was IBS but IBS medication just made me sick and my bodily functions worked just fine.

I had a severely heavy period, passing large clots and a doctor told me I had appendicitis.

I had severe stomach cramps with no period. They gave me a scan telling me it was likely I had gallstones. They found nothing until they looked at my ovaries and saw cysts.

“But PCOS doesn’t hurt…”

Really? Do we still believe that? Because its not just me…

I met a girl with PCOS which was linked to her twisted ovary… But they don’t hurt.

I met a mother who was taking her daughter to the gynecologist. Her 14 year old daughter was having painful periods and making her miss school. She was told that she had PCOS but that her illness wouldn’t be the cause of her pain. Because, are you paying attention… PCOS doesn’t hurt.

Maybe they’re all right though… Maybe thousands of woman are just crazy. I mean what would we know about OUR BODIES.

Why aren’t you listening?! IT DOESNT HURT!

Right… Maybe if we just keep repeating that like lines on a chalkboard we’ll eventually believe it. That way, it’ll make it easier for the health care system to sweep us and all of out pain under the carpet like it’s not there.