Period Poverty is a long-standing problem in the UK. It’s been a cause for work/school absence for some time but now COVID19 is rapidly spreading and people in already low-paid job roles will be missing out on their working hours and on lower pay than usual and anyone who self-isolating won’t be able to access menstrual products.

The economic side of this virus is causing everyone so much stress and the last thing you should be worrying about at this time is your period.

So, what are we doing about it?

Well, founder Neelam Heera has kicked her period poverty drive into high gear to get these products to those who need them during these uncertain times.

In her announcement on Facebook Live, she said: “We have donations that have been given to us over the last couple of months. I’m putting them into care bags and delivering them so if there is anyone in Birmingham who can add to these packs whether its food, chocolates or even a supportive letter, we would encourage you to help us.

“As a community, we are all in this together and I understand that this is a difficult time for everybody but we must remain strong together.”

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