With the run up to Christmas, the topic of infertility is bound to creep up for those women who are struggling to convenience.The topic, still shrouded in myths and stigma, makes it difficult for women to come forward and openly talk to one another about these problems.

This is where Cysters comes in.

We provide a forum for women to meet and talk to other women on similar journeys to them, in a confidential and accessible environment. Lately with the run up to Christmas, family pressure, societal women are under pressure to have an answer for their difficulties in baring children. Due to the embarrassment and lack of knowledge the conversation of IVF and Egg Freezing is relatively unheard of.

So here are some of the Egg Freezing Myths and Facts we thought you should know!

Myth: Egg Freezing is a last resort, and I can have it as late as I want.

It’s better to freeze your eggs early, usually before 35 however there is some research that suggest 28-30 is the ideal age.Fertility rates slowly decline as we get older so, if you freeze your eggs early, theoretically you have a higher chance of success.

Myth: I can get this done easy

Although clinics try to make the process easy, it still requires your time, effort and most importantly the right mindset. The medical expert will initially go through your file, and medical notes as well as you having various blood tests etc.The actual process results after having hormones injections 2 to 3 times a day, you are sedated the doctor will insert a long needle into your vagina to pull out the legs. You don’t have to have one round; a number of women have two as the greater number of eggs raises the chances of getting pregnant long term.

Myth: I don’t need time off workAs with any invasive surgery we would suggest that you have some time off to recuperate. The ovaries can be swollen, and you can feel bloated an uncomfortable after the procedure. Make sure to make time for you too!

Myth: Freezing Eggs doesn’t work

Whilst the process can’t guarantee a pregnancy, around 40% of procedure result in a birth. Sometimes the eggs may not survive the procedure, the thaw, to all will be healthy eggs and some may not fertilize. Also, it can sometimes depend on the clinic you go to and their experience.

Myth: Its only busy women who freeze their eggs

Oh Please! Women can freeze their eggs for any reason, some chose too due to their reproductive health issues, financial issues or medical diagnosis such as cancer. There are lots of different reasons and each individual approaches egg freezing with their own unique perspective.

So Cysters, don’t allow society to dictate when or if you should freeze your eggs. Talk to our Cysters within our group, gets their thoughts, support and have your Cysterhood around you.

Love your Cyster,