Natalie Lee

A modern manifesto and memoir on sex and shame
from one of the original wave of ‘insta-mums’ with a following of more than 100k on Instagram

“A life-changing read; I was hooked from the very first sentence. It blows wide open the way girls and women are taught about sex and how we view it. I think everyone should read this book.” Alex Light

Trauma, porn, masturbation, sexuality, sex after motherhood, sex when you feel sh*t about your body, sex after separation… they are concepts which feel like they shouldn’t be an issue in 2022 … and yet, despite the inroads made by TV shows such as I Will Destroy You and Sex Education, the taboos which surround them still define too many women’s lives.

In Feeling Myself, original ‘instamum’ Natalie Lee, aka Style Me Sunday (104k), takes the reader along for the ride on her own incredible journey of self-discovery, searching out and then smashing some of the most powerful taboos around shame, sex and socialised sexisim which have held her back and probably you too. It is a modern manifesto and memoir which feels both timely and hugely relevant to the modern woman.

“Like most of us, shame has followed me around for most of my life. I felt shame for
the colour of my skin, shame for being female, and shame for wanting more, but I also felt
shame around the subject of masturbation. Even as an adult, I carried an intense feeling

that masturbation was somehow dirty. I look back on this now and realise how warped our

approach to sex is and how the shame that surrounds these conversations holds women back.”

Each chapter covers a different element of Natalie’s journey, from the horrific rape of her mother that she witnessed as a child, to her confusing and disappointing first sexual experiences with older men as a 13-year-old girl, adventures in wanking; in marriage, motherhood and divorce to finally discovering a new side of herself she was previously unable to acknowledge existed.

Natalie’s experience uses a light touch to guide you onto your own journey of sexual enlightenment and how to be true to yourself in a society that doesn’t prioritise your pleasure with expert advice and comment from names you will recognise from the media landscape such as Dr. Karen Gurney (@Thesexdoctor), Professor Tanya Byron, presenter Cherry Healey and comedy queens The Scummy Mummys.

“This is the kind of book that changes the course of a woman’s life.”  Dawn O’Porter

“A painfully beautiful ode to what it is to be human – to be a woman – in 2022”  Anna Whitehouse

About the Author

Natalie Lee began her career as a midwife before starting her blog, Style Me Sunday, in July 2012. Over nearly a decade, she has grown her platform from a blog to a brand, and now reaches women across various different mediums. She has more than 100k followers on Instagram (@stylemesunday). Throughout this time, she has run events, co-hosted a podcast (The Everything Project), been a panellist more times than she can count, taken part in a television project about women’s quests for better orgasms where she had an orgasm on TV, and worked with a variety of household-name brands.