PCOS: Voices Unheard – Exploring PCOS in the UK’s South Asian and Afro-Caribbean Communities

PCOS is a common endocrine disorder affecting women of reproductive age, characterised by hormonal imbalances that can lead to various symptoms, including irregular periods and ovarian cysts. (1) Existing research has highlighted an association between the difficulties and psychological stress, women of colour face, when trying to cope with this condition, with an exacerbation of Continue Reading

First Birmingham Disability Festival To Take Place In Birmingham during Disability Pride Month 

A time to celebrate being proud of being disabled   Details of the first Birmingham Disability Festival, hosted by Birmingham City University (BCU) on Saturday 6t July, have been announced today. Created by Birmingham Disability Festival Committee (BDFC), this FREE inaugural event showcases a wide range of disabled talent through performances, sport, interactive games and disabled Continue Reading

Birth Trauma Inquiry Report: A Call for Comprehensive Reform in Maternity Services

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Birth Trauma has released a groundbreaking report that sheds light on the critical state of maternity services in the UK – Listen to Mums:Ending the Postcode Lottery on Perinatal Care This comprehensive inquiry highlights the devastating impact of birth trauma on mothers and their families and proposes a series of Continue Reading

Experiences and Challenges with Recurrent Vulvovaginal Thrush in Primary Care: Healthcare Professional Perspectives

Researchers at the University of Oxford Department of Primary Care are looking for healthcare professionals to participate in an online interview (30-45 minutes) about experiences of treating patients with recurrent vulvovaginal thrush. We are looking for clinicians seeing people in general practice and sexual health in the UK and who have experience of seeing patients with thrush. A Continue Reading

Gaps In Menopause Research Leave Marginalised Communities Struggling For Proper Care

While conversations around menopause are thankfully becoming more frequent, experts are asserting that women from marginalised communities are still being left without a voice. With a lack of research and support for the unique experiences of marginalised women, a harsh reality is being exposed: menopause equality is far from being achieved. Despite menopause affecting 51% Continue Reading

Updates To The NHS Constitution To Strengthen Privacy, Dignity And Safety Of All Patients 

 The privacy, dignity, and safety of all patients to be enshrined as central to NHS principles and values – with patients empowered to request same-sex wards and care, while reflecting the biological needs in the delivery of care. The privacy, dignity, and safety of all patients are to be embedded in how the NHS operates under a Continue Reading

Elevating Black Maternal Voices: Why Black Maternal Awareness Week Matters

In the ongoing conversation about maternal health, a glaring concern has been at the forefront of our minds: the disproportionate challenges faced by Black mothers. In response, the United Kingdom, largely thanks to the efforts of campaigners has embraced Black Maternal Awareness Week—an essential initiative dedicated to addressing systemic disparities in maternal healthcare. The statistics Continue Reading

Endometriosis diagnosis delays in People of Colour

New survey seeks to investigate and amplify marginalised voices in healthcare decision-making Cysters and Endometriosis UK are working in partnership to ensure that all voices are heard in discussions about healthcare policy and initiatives, especially those from marginalised communities. Despite progress in healthcare data collection, there remains a gap in representing the experiences of marginalised Continue Reading

Empowering Black Mothers: Addressing Maternal Health Inequalities

The journey of motherhood is supposed to be one of joy and anticipation, but for many Black women in England, it’s overshadowed by alarming statistics and disparities in maternal healthcare. Recent analysis has unveiled a troubling reality: Black women are up to six times more likely to experience severe birth complications compared to their white Continue Reading

PCOS patients ‘could be more likely to struggle with memory problems’ – study shows

PCOS patients ‘could be more likely to struggle with memory problems’ – study shows People with polycystic ovary syndrome may be more likely to have memory and thinking problems in middle age, according to new research. PCOS is a hormonal disorder that is defined by irregular menstruation and elevated levels of androgens. Other symptoms may Continue Reading