OH YEAH… How attractive?! Well… other people will just have to deal with it. The acne and the body hair struggle is incredibly real when you’re a woman with PCOS and trust me, ladies, I feel you.

Acne is commonly associated with the hormonal changes in teens during puberty but when you have PCOS, the struggle with acne can follow you all the way to menopause. Thick and excess body and facial hair are also a side effect of PCOS’s hormonal imbalance as the cysts of the ovaries are being created by an increase in male hormones in women, leading them to grow hair the way a man does.

If it wasn’t bad enough that infertility made you feel like less of a woman, you’re charmingly f*cked up hormones have thrown you into a life where no product you try and wash your face with will ever take the acne away and you probably grow a better beard and mustache than your boyfriend. Sad times.

I have recently been given a set of products by Arbonne to try for my acne (I will review it and let you all know how it goes, but I don’t hold out any high hopes).

The hair, though, well that’s obviously a lot harder for me to hide from the world and to be honest other people noticed it back in school when I was 14 before I had even seen my mustache growing in. Urgh. But, hey, at least whenever I get catcalled I can safely say I have a higher testosterone level than those creeps right?

I work hard to take care of my skin and hide my flaws from the world but sometimes it just gets a little bit exhausting. To be honest, though, my facial hair isn’t as thick as some women with PCOS, my main issue with hair is the fact that my leg hair grows faster than I can say my own name. I’m lazy. I hate having to shave all the time.

Sometimes I see articles and videos on facebook and in the news in which women have learned to love these so-called “imperfections” and I’m not going to lie… I get jealous. I wish I could love myself like that but unfortunately, I am still in the stages of trying to understand tat this is the way I am.

Does anyone else feel like that?