Cysters is a charity based on the concept of Cysterhood (pronounced Sisterhood) – and with that in mind everyone is Our Cyster.

Hence – Our Cysters, tackling period poverty in the midlands. We will be working alongside organisations such as Midlands Langar Seva to deliver the products to homeless individuals and Handsworth Association of Schools to help those who need it in schools.

Is period poverty even thing?

Err. Yes it’s a real thing. It’s a lack of access to sanitary items due to financial restrictions and it’s a real and growing issue.

There have been various charities popping up helping to tackle this issue. From the team at Freedom4Girls who work with women in Kenya, to Binti tackling the Shame and Stigma in India. Lets not forget groups such as, Bloody Good Period, Red Box Project and Amika Georges #freeperiods campaign.

But why is this happening is 2019?

In the face of increasing austerity, more people are living below the poverty line. It has become a choice over buying sanitary items or food.

Period Poverty Facts

• 1 in 10 girls can’t afford to buy menstrual products according to Plan International UK.

• Over 137,700 children in the UK have missed school because of period poverty.

• Menstrual products cost more than £18,000, in a women’s life (£13 every month). This doesn’t include women who suffer with reproductive health conditions that cause heavy bleeding such as PCOS, Endometriosis or fibroids.

• 40% of girls in the UK have used toilet roll because they couldn’t afford menstrual products.

• The stigma surrounding periods has been shown to directly affect a girl’s potential to succeed. If a girl misses school every time she has her period, she is set 145 days behind her fellow male students.

But what can I do?

It’s really simple.

Grab a box – take it to your office/café/library anywhere!And fill it with sanitary items – if you want to add a few chocolate treats then that’s even better!.

Then contact one of our volunteers and we will delivery it directly to those who need them.

Its really that simple. Its not time consuming and you will be helping someone TODAY.

All women deserve dignity and control over their period, and all women are #OurCysters