I am Nirali Jain, I am currently pursuing my M.A in Service Design from the University of Arts, London.

As part of my thesis project, I a​m working on a project to explore how we can better support women suffering from PCOS with better services and knowledge to empower them to take charge of their own body and health.

My research and observations made it evident that – there is no ‘one size fit all adviceʼ for PCOS. We are living in a world that offers us quick fixes and shortcuts for every problem we are facing but the truth is: every body is differ​​​​ent and so are its need, and only we have the power to proactively listen to it and adapt a way of living that keeps us healthy and happy.

It is time to change the narrative of our stories, move away from feeling helpless to independent. By asking the right questions and looking for sustainable changes.

I feel it is important to ask the question – How might we help people with PCOD design their own lifestyle for good and health well-being and proactively manage PCOS.

See sign up details below in the picture or contact Nirali direct for more information!

Registration link: Let Cysters Discover- Changing Narrative (google.com)