I always moan about the dark side of having an illness that makes you have the hormones of a pubescent, teenage boy and the food cravings and mood swings of a hormonal pregnant woman, all while you’re struggling to have a baby. The thing is some days I realize that there is a silver lining to everything.

Children are in crisis. I may never have my own children but there are thousands of children on this earth in need of a loving and stable home, something which I could provide a child, the child I desperately want. A lot of children are waiting for homes because their parents didn’t want them but at least with you, they’ll always be wanted. 

No periods.  PCOS can lead to heavy periods and painful ones but sometimes you miss periods completely. I usually only have one every three months. I get that missed periods can cause problems but you have to admit there’s something that makes you feel smug when someone is complaining about their period pains and you aren’t having that issue.

Some kids make you thank god your ovaries don’t work. You can’t lie, you’ve all met that one child who is so troublesome and aggravating to their parents that you sit there and think “thank god no eggs are coming out of my ovaries any time soon.” 

The other ‘cysters’.  The ‘cysters’ is the name used to refer to other women suffering from the illness. The ‘cysterhood’ is used to refer to the unified, support network that you can meet online or have through your family since the illness is hereditary. These women will be some of the best friends you’ll ever have, they’re all going through what you are and show an understanding to your struggle that even the doctors don’t get.