Not everyone is stock piling!

As a sufferer of Endometriosis and PCOS, I am sick of people stockpiling. Living with a chronic condition with extremely heavy bleeding, I need access to menstrual products.

We’ve seen throughout the years how there is a drive around period poverty, and with products costings from £1.00 to £5.00 you can see why – as it can get expensive.

But for some Cysters it’s a necessity.

Sometimes I bleed so heavily that I go through 2 pads each hour. Endo/PCOS sisters you know how it is! I’m one of the “lucky” ones, as I have had the Mirena Coil fitted, and that has helped. HOWEVER, some of our Cysters have struggled getting menstrual products – whilst others have had stand offish arguments over the amount they have tried to buy. No one should have to explain their heavy menstrual bleeding.

When others stockpile, it makes life harder for us, and by us, I mean those with hidden chronic illnesses. We aren’t seen as disabled by most people. But if you see people with a number of products, just be mindful that they may have a health issue they are trying to cater for. If you just taking menstrual products to stockpile – your part of the problem

COVID-19 has hit us all hard- but that doesn’t make it okay for you to put yourselves first and make it harder for those around you. At time like this we need to rely on community to get through the crisis. We need to pull together.

Menstrual products isn’t something that individuals want to openly ask for. There’s still shame, stigma and embarrassment attached to this. So, this post is for all those people who need products, who have contacted us to get them.

We shouldn’t have to have to ask, our family, friends, or the community to help us get access to products. We all should have access to menstrual hygiene.

So, allow us our dignity and, only take what you need. We do not want to have to ask for handouts. We are strong, powerful, chronic illness warriors.

Living with a hidden and chronic illness has its own challenges, social isolation, health anxiety and fear are a daily reality for someone like me. Just because this is your first taste of it doesn’t make it your reality for the rest of your life, like it is for us. Be mindful, don’t dismiss these vulnerable people and their concerns. It is valid and real to them!

Social distancing is something I am already used too. Having this illness, and then getting a further illness on top, is absolutely draining. Its scary to have to deal with more than one issue. So, if you are outside, respect social distancing – you TRULY could save lives with this.

A number of Cysters are terrified, some having other medical conditions which means that they have to take immune-supressing medications as well. This makes recovering from what you may feel is a “little cold” takes much longer. So please be mindful, you may not be ill yourself, however you could be a carrier and infect others.

So, message of this extremely rambly post,

  • Don’t stockpile
  • Support your community
  • If you have symptoms self-isolate
  • If you’re okay and well – be observant of social distancing.

If we uphold these simple steps, we can make the community around us safer and inclusive for everyone.