Life can be hard at the best of times, for everyone, but when you’re living with a body that you are consistently have to fight against, it can feel like no one will ever understand your pain and struggle. Everyone needs support at certain times of their lives and sometimes people just aren’t up to the task of being what you need.

I have been fighting PCOS for years now and nothing makes it harder than when you’re going through a tough time and that support system just isn’t there for you. Whether it’s a relationship breakdown or a fall out with a friend, stressful times make it hard on your hormones and you know what that means: stress acne, flare ups, appetite deciding to play ‘chicken’ with your blood sugar levels and everyone’s “favourite” – MISSED PERIODS.

I know how hard it is to want to carry on your fight when the world seems to just not want to give you the future you desire but the truth is, those perfect people in your life aren’t always the strong support system they first appear to be. As a matter of fact, a lot of the time they are a little like this bowl…

The truth is, people show who they truly are at the worst times in life and if they aren’t willing to be what you need then it’s very simple, they aren’t what you need.

You are a CYSTAR and second best and half invested souls aren’t who you need and are definitely less than what you deserve. You’re stronger than those who walk out on you. Remember that.